Monday, July 27, 2009

Security Webs & Blogs & Podcasts


Spain Diego González Gómez (Blog: Javier Pagès Rafael Ausejo Prieto Vicente Aceituno
Apuntes de seguridad de la información (Blog) Javier Cao Avellaneda
Jessland Jess Garcia
Hispasec Blog (Hispasec)

Worldwide Blogs


Worldwide ( Anton Chuvakin - Security Warrior Ed Skoudis - (Counter)hacking, Malware, Security Challenges

Joshwr1ght Joshua Wright - Wireless Security (Information Security Search engine) Lenny Zeltser - GSE Ilfak Guilfanov - IDA Pro (Blog: Bruce Schneier (Blog: Mark Russinovich - Windows
Internals (Discussions) Steve Gibson (GRC) - Windows (Blog: Oracle Security and Forums) Pete Finnigan - Oracle Security ( Dan Farmer - Forensics Wietse Venema - Forensics (Sleuthkit) Brian Carrier - Forensics Johnny Long - Google Hacking (GHDB) (Blog) Thorsten Holz (Blog) Jose Nazario

PaulDotCom's Web Site (Blog) Paul Asadoorian

Hack a day Hack a day (beta) Blog Handler's Diary - ISC

The Black Page Blackhat: highlights breaking security research

Security Podcasts

Security (... professionals)

Cyberspeak Computer Forensics, Network Security and Computer Crime Podcast

Security Now! Audio security column & podcast by Steve Gibson (GRC) and Leo Laporte

PaulDotCom's Podcast Paul Asadoorian security podcasts (podcasts roundup)

SABAG security Two guys from McAfee, a bit of security and some toast... (CISSP CPEs)

McKeay RSS Martin McKeay's Network Security Podcast

Blue Box The VoIP Security Podcast

Crypto-Gram security podcast RSS Audio of Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram Newsletter

The Security Catalyst For anyone interested in security - home users to professionals (CISSP)

Security (... hacking)

Sploitcast The podcast for hackers, geeks, and the security paranoid

BinRev Binary Revolution radio: The Revolution will be Digitized!

Hackermedia Hackermedia is on the air

LiveAmmo Radio

Ninja Night School

The Packet Sniffers Video shows

The hackers voice UK (Continuous radio - NO podcast)

T.W.A.T radio

Hack5 videos VIDEOS

Security News & Managerial's Security Wire Weekly

Gartner Voice Podcasts for business and IT professionals

CSOonline CSO's executive podcast

CIO Security CIO's security podcast

Geek Muse IT OS geeks Podcast (& Blog) - referenced by Labrat-
In the trenches The podcast for Sys Admins (Kevin Devin)
Friends in tech


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