Thursday, August 29, 2013

17 Security Related Phrases We Are Sick of Hearing...

  1. “What is the key to our wireless again?”
  2. “I downloaded something and now my computer is acting all weird”
  3. “Why do I need to use the VPN all the time?”
  4. “How come I have to apply updates all the time?”
  5. “At home I run macs because they don’t get viruses and malware”
  6. “Hey, can you teach me how to hack?”
  7. “Is there any way to get around me having to type my password over and over again?”
  8. “I clicked on it because it totally looked like it was from my bank”
  9. ”Should I get my CISSP?”
  10. “Is it safe to click on this self-signed cert?”
  11. “I have no idea how that pornography got on my computer?”
  12.  “The webpage said that this cloud services was 100% secure?”
  13. “I locked myself out of my account again, can you reset it?”
  14.  “I think I may have just lost a bunch of important files, what do I do?”
  15. “Can I get root access on this server?”
  16. “We will get back to you on those security-related changes you recommend”

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