Monday, March 15, 2010

New phishing campaign against Facebook led by Zeus

Some time ago we warned about different campaigns where the employer, in all cases without exception, is the exploitation of social engineering to execute a fraudulent component, and the goal is the theft of sensitive information.

Cases like the previous campaign by using the image of ZeuS Facebook and phishing attacks using popular services such as primary coverage, including IRS, VISA, Google and Blogger, among many others, are concrete examples that demonstrate what is the magnitude of the business ZeuS offers computer criminals.

A few days ago, a new campaign to materialize from the hand of ZeuS, involving a large battery of malicious domains. Among them:

The folder Id735rp also contains kit phishing, ZeuS trojan, which in this case appears under the name photo.exe (19d9cc4d9d512e60f61746ef4c741f09).

Even in the same URL format strategy is being used by another known crimeware: Phoenix Exploit Pack.

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