Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SAHI – Web Automation & Application Security Testing Tool

Sahi is an automation tool to test web applications. Sahi injects javascript into web pages using a proxy and the javascript helps automate web applications.

Sahi is a tester friendly tool. It abstracts out most difficulties that testers face while automating web applications. Some salient features include excellent recorder, platform and browser independence, no XPaths, no waits, multi-threaded playback, excellent Java interaction and inbuilt reporting.

  • Browser and Operating System independent
  • Powerful recorder which works across browsers
  • Powerful Object Spy
  • Intuitive and simple APIs
  • Javascript based scripts for good programming control
  • Version Controllable text-based scripts
  • In-built reports
  • In-built multi-threaded or parallel playback of tests
  • Tests do not need the browser window to be in focus
  • Command line and ant support for integration into build processes
  • Supports external proxy, HTTPS, 401 & NTLM authentications
  • Supports browser popups and modal dialogs
  • Supports AJAX and highly dynamic web applications
  • Scripts very robust
  • Works on applications with random auto-generated ids
  • Very lightweight and scalable
  • Supports data-driven testing. Can connect to database, Excel or CSV file.
  • Ability to invoke any Java library from scripts
  • Framesets/pages with frames/iframes loading pages from multiple domains is not supported. Sahi cannot handle pages which have other pages from different domains embedded in them using iframes or frames. So you cannot have a page from google.com having an iframe with a page from yahoo.com. Note that this is not the same as switching between domains, where you navigate from a google.com page to a yahoo.com page, which will work in Sahi.
  • File upload field will not be populated on browsers for javascript verification. File upload itself works fine
You can download SAHI here:

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